Personal – Concrete – Approachable: On this page we turn the spotlight on some of the names and stories connected to our funding programmes and projects. Please join us, and learn more about our ifa alumni, their personal experiences and professional development, and the projects they embark upon after leaving ifa.

Alumni seminar in Germany

The seminar was attended by thirteen alumni from more than five different countries of origin or assignment, including delegates from Poland, Romania, Russia, Kazachstan and Kyrgyzstan. They also represented a variety of different professional fields, such as journalism, cultural projects, intercultural collaboration and youth empowerment.

“The trouble is that we don’t have enough resources to go round…”

“…even water is in short supply.” reports Mona Abdelbaqi about the daily challenges at her workplace, the refugee camp Zaatari in Jordan. The fellow of “CCP Refugees and Migration”, the new thematic module of the CrossCulture Programme, returned to Jordan last week.

Networking, Central Asian-style - About the CrossCulture Alumni Meeting in Bischkek

Networking is about ideas and projects. In short, it is about building relationships across borders. Like the Kyrgyz carpets that are a popular souvenir in this Central Asian country, Olessya, Maqsud, Sergei and Ana have woven a fine web. A tapestry that, at the end of the one-day workshop, shows them how strong their network really is, and how they are also visibly in touch with each other.

"Berlin: Refuge and Music" - Ahmed Yacoubs Film about Buskers in Berlin

Fascinated by the street art community, CrossCulture Internships Programme alumnus Ahmed Yacoub from Giza (Egypt) took the chance and produced his own video documentary, called "Berlin: Refuge and Music". During his internship with Vice Media (2015), he went on the hunt for new footage every day after work. Watch his strong movie and read some comments about his projects here.