CCP alumna Lena Hendry acquitted of charges

A few months ago, we reported about the accusations against former CrossCulture (CCP) scholarship holder Lena Hendry. We are now very glad to make public that the aluma is being acquitted of charges.

In Malaysia, Lena works as programme manager for the annual Freedom Film Festival. It is organised by the NGO Pusat Komas, which uses creative media to promote human rights causes in Malaysia. Filmmakers and activists benefit from this platform since 2003; they show their productions dealing with human rights and their violation.

Lena Hendry was accused of screening the award-winning documentary “No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of SriLanka” to an invited audience in July 2013. The screening was raided by 30 officials from the Malaysian Home Ministry, the Police and Immigration Officials. She was charged with showing the film without approval from Malaysia’s Censorship Board.

Magistrate Mohd. Rehan Mohd. Aris now ruled that the prosecution failed to establish a “prima facie” case against Hendry and acquitted her. Read the fully coverage here.