Personal – Concrete – Approachable: On this page we turn the spotlight on some of the names and stories connected to our funding programmes and projects. Please join us, and learn more about our ifa alumni, their personal experiences and professional development, and the projects they embark upon after leaving ifa.

Quo vadis, Europe? - ifa Alumni discusss role of civil society at annual meeting

Shared values, open borders, democracy, peace and security: these are only some of the aspects mentioned by our alumni when asked what Europe means to them. Yet, where do we go from here? What is going to happen to this community of shared values, to our open borders, to democracy? We treasure the idea of Europe, but this idea is threatened by the political and societal developments around us.

CrossCulture Programme 2017: Alumni Project Work with a "Plus"

The ifa programme "CrossCulture Plus" is supporting the transition process in North Africa and the Near and Middle East. It helps its alumni and their organizations from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen to set up small projects with the aim of strengthening social and political reform processes and to promote exchange with Germany. Six projects will be implemented until the end of 2017. Read our article to learn more about them.

German civil society international - A conversation on the new foreign policy

Robert Lohmann and Daniel Göler examined the foreign policy activities of civil society for ifa’s Culture and Foreign Policy research programme. Nowadays the term "civil society" is on everyone’s lips and is often linked with calls for more democracy in Europe. In this interview, the programme’s alumni talk about the transnational activities of civil society.

Integration through “being creative together”: CCP fellow Ceren Suntekin on her work at the Jugendschutzstelle, the child protection service in Bonn

Despite the significant drop in the numbers of refugees coming to Germany since the “refugee deal” was agreed with Turkey, issues relating to refugees, migration and integration remain very pressing. Over the past year, people who work with refugees have also taken part in the new CCP Refugees and Migration module of the CrossCulture Programme.