Alumni seminar in Germany

The seminar was attended by thirteen alumni from more than five different countries of origin or assignment, including delegates from Poland, Romania, Russia, Kazachstan and Kyrgyzstan. They also represented a variety of different professional fields, such as journalism, cultural projects, intercultural collaboration and youth empowerment.

On 2 and 3 December 2016, former colleagues on the overseas placement programme as well as former scholarship holders of the cultural assistants and work shadowing programme came together to discuss and develop their alumni activities. The focus was on providing an opportunity for professional exchange, and this proved to be particularly fruitful thanks to the participants’ wide-ranging regional and professional expertise.
They also took this opportunity to look ahead to ifa’s anniversary year and plan some joint activities. Of course these will include the ‘100 Years of ifa’ celebrations, along with events such as the book fairs in Leipzig and Frankfurt and the Global Media Forum organised by Deutsche Welle in Bonn. These are all events that will be discussed at future alumni meetings in 2017. So as the old year drew to a close, the participants laid the groundwork for upcoming alumni projects and activities in 2017.