Eraj Atiq

CCP scholarship holder from Pakistan

In 2010 I spent three months at the Institute of Media and Communication Science (IFMK) at the Ilmenau University of Technology. This really gave me an insight into my German colleagues’ ways of thinking and working. It also gave me a chance to counter people’s stereotypes about Pakistan. Many people I met thought Pakistan was a failed state where violence is an everyday occurrence. But now they think differently, because I have told them all about my country’s culture. We stay in regular contact and still work together. I am particularly active as an associate member of the International Research Group on Crisis Communication (IRGOCC). I got married when I returned home from Germany. In Pakistan, it is not normal for married women to work. But the strength and self-confidence that I gained during my internship in Germany helped me to stand up for myself when I returned to Pakistan. Today, I can make an even better contribution to my employers in Pakistan, the Women Media Center in Karachi. I have a number of responsibilities. For example, in 2013 I managed the live TV reports on the elections in Pakistan for the Women Media Center. ifa gave me the opportunity to make the most of my abilities and talents and to become the woman that I am today – both professionally and personally. I am very grateful for this.