The unjustified war by Sameha Al-Muradi

Sameha Al-Muradi completed her CCP Internship at the German-Arabic Center for Education and Integration in 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Now she is back in her home country Yemen and gives a personal insight into her experiences on the current situation and living conditions of the Yemeni people.

Former CCP internship holder Sameha Al-Muradi, © ifa/Al-Muradi Ibb's population is about three million. It is called the green provenance, it rains most of the year. © ifa/Al-Muradi Ibb is famous for many historical places and gets visitors from around the world. © ifa/Al-Muradi

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arabian Peninsula. It is struggling to get the essential services such as water, electricity, roads, schools and hospitals. On 23rd of March 2015 Yemenis found themselves under unjustified attacks run by Saudi Arabia. The air strikes are targeting every town and suburb in Yemen without exception.


The coalition forces, are bombing roads, factories for food, schools, hospitals and even mosques. One example of their brutality is what happened on 17 March – the air strikes had attacked a popular market in Haja. The victims were nearly 150 persons, including over 20 children. In my city Ibb we witnessed such attacks in many areas.


The situation in Taiz is very tragic. The city is under strike by Houthies and resistance militia. For almost eight months no one can enter or even get out of the city. People are living under very bad conditions – no water, no food and the worst is that the hospitals are running out of medicine.


Since the beginning of the war there is no electricity at all. There is also shortage of oil, gas and fuel supplies which makes life very difficult.


The malnutrition among children before the war was 32% – you can imagine how that number will increase in times of war. There is a dangerous lack of food and other nutrition like milk. The prices are also rising on crazy levels.

We, the Yemenis, are wondering why there is no neutral media covering about what is going on in Yemen. Why the media is blind to see the crimes and the shed of blood. And the media suddenly becomes deaf to hear the screaming of women and children. Why the mouths have been shut and why no one speaks about the abuse of human rights in Yemen. Why does the European media not care?

We want to know what this war is for. We want to understand why all the countries have closed their doors in front of the Yemenis. When does the time come to break the silence to say STOP killing the innocents, STOP frightening the children?


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