Seeking, finding, networking!

Alumni of ifa programmes share a commitment to promoting cultural exchange, dialogue, and mutual understanding worldwide. We would like to stay in touch with our alumni and provide them with the opportunity to network with each other throughout the world, and develop new initiatives and projects with each other.

Mission statement

ifa Alumni are individuals who received a scholarship or a grant from ifa. This group includes CrossCulture and Rave scholarship holders, researchers, culture managers as well as assistants, artists and curators. They are part of a global community, which is committed to achieving peace and justice and to protecting human live. Human rights, freedom of art and expression as well as freedom of information are objectives and cornerstones of their community. Their dialogue involves diverse people shaping our future together – in a process that is both open and meaningful. The ifa is part of this network and It promots the cooperation and the projects of the alumni community.



The ifa (das Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) is committed to promoting the peaceful and mutually enriching coexistence of people, cultures and religions worldwide.

The alumni of ifa programmes are young people with a social conscience who want to help shape the future through their involvement in culture, society and politics. They develop non-violent approaches to conflict resolution, they are active in the international arts scene, they conduct research on culture and foreign policy, or they advocate for the free flow of opinions and information, protection of the environment and cultural goods, and the rights of ethnic minorities. They all share a commitment to cultural exchange, to peace, and to justice.

Through ifa-funded programmes, alumni have gained experience working abroad, made contacts, and carried out projects. A heterogeneous, interdisciplinary network has come into being, which we and our alumni can rely upon in the future to further the exchange of experience and knowledge, and to collaborate with each other.